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2021.09.24 Fri 2021.09.24 Fri

ANOTHER EDEN ARRANGE ALBUM Volume 1 + 2 COMPLETE BOX「Faraway from Time - GALA Edition BOX -」のFLACファイルにつきまして

※ 2021.09.27 Mon 追記
各FLACファイル問題なくダウンロードいただける状態になったことをご報告いたします。原因は現在解明中ですが、FLAC自体が重いファイルだったため、一時的にサーバーに負荷がかかり不完全な状態でダウンロードされてしまった可能性が高いです。そのため、14曲を3つのファイルに分けてダウンロードしていただく形に変更させていただきました。大変お手数をおかけしてしまいますが、NOON STAGE、NIGHT STAGEそれぞれ3つずつ、合計6つのファイルをダウンロードいただきますようお願い申し上げます。



Notice regarding the "ANOTHER EDEN ARRANGE ALBUM Volume 1 + 2 COMPLETE BOX Faraway from Time - GALA Edition BOX -" FLAC files

* September 27, 2021 (Mon) Update
We would like to report that the FLAC files should now be downloadable without any issues. The root cause is still being investigated, however it is possible that the server was not able to handle the large number of individuals downloading the large FLAC files at the same time. To avoid incomplete zip files from being downloaded, we have split the FLAC version zip file into three seperate zip files. For the FLAC version, there are six zip files in total (3 NOON STAGE files and 3 NIGHT STAGE files).

We deeply apologize for having you try to download the FLAC files a number of times and for having you wait after the release date to recieve the music files you have purchased. We are very sorry for taking up your time, for the inconvenience and for the uneasiness caused by the files not being completely available on the release date. We apologize for having to supply the FLAC files to you after the release date has already passed.

Many have been reporting issues downloading the "ANOTHER EDEN ARRANGE ALBUM Volume 1 + 2 COMPLETE BOX Faraway from Time - GALA Edition BOX -" FLAC files. It seems that there is an issue with the servers at fantech. They should be able to resolve this issue on Monday next week (JST). In the meantime, please enjoy listening to the MP3 files. We are incredibly sorry for the inconvenience.